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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Meet Flora and Dora

Before you come see Beauty & the Beast next weekend, we wanted to introduce you to Beauty’s silly sisters – Flora and Dora!

The sisters recently stopped into the Kaleidoscope office looking for their father. He’s late returning home from his recent merchant trip overseas. Nicki, our Administrative Director, interviewed them about their upcoming performance.

Nicki: So, why should people come see your show in March?

Flora: What show?

Dora: (rolling her eyes) Well, obviously they should come see us! Father brought us beautiful silks and jewels from his last trip and we look simply beautiful in them. Hopefully, Father will be back from his current trip by then and we’ll have even newer gowns to wear for the show!

Nicki: How about your sister, Beauty? Is she excited for the show?

Flora: Who?

Dora: You know... our little sister... yecchh, Beauty.

Flora: Oh! Why is she called “Beauty” anyway? After all, we're more mature than she is and we're certainly prettier. Why don't people call me pretty? I'd like that for a name. I think I should be called “Pretty”. How does that sound?

Dora: How does “ugly” sound?

Flora: That's nice! I can be “Pretty” and you can be “Pretty Ugly”! (laughing)

Dora: Why, you... you...

Nicki: Ladies... please sit down! You might mess your hair...

Dora: Oh my, we wouldn’t want to do that! Maybe I should reset my hair in a new style for Father’s return... Flora, when I fix my hair tonight, how do you think I should set it?

Flora: On fire! (laughing)

Nicki: Oh dear... maybe I should have invited Beauty in for this interview instead.

Dora: Oh don’t worry, she’ll be at the show. Why is she everyone’s favorite anyway?

Flora: Who are we talking about now?

Dora: Beauty!!

Flora: Oh...

Nicki: Right. I think we’re all set ladies. Thank you so much for coming in and we look forward to seeing you again on March 19th and 20th. (Flora and Dora exit.)

Well, that was... interesting. Don’t worry, we know Beauty is your favorite too! Come meet Beauty in person next weekend at our performances of Beauty & the Beast. For tickets to our RI performance on March 19th, please call us at (401) 942-3637. For tickets to our MA show on March 20th, please call (781) 230-EXPO!

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