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Friday, January 07, 2011

5 Myths about BULLYING

Thanks, Chuck for sharing!

5 Myths about Bullying from the Washington Post

From schoolyards to workplaces and now in cyberspace, it seems that bullies are everywhere. New efforts to stop them and to help victims cope - such as the It Gets Better campaign - are gaining attention and popularity, but are they the best ways to protect kids and others from the worst forms of bullying? For them to have a fighting chance, let's first dispense with a few popular fallacies about getting picked on.

1: Most bullying happens online
2: Bullies are bullies and victims are victims
3: Bullying ends when we grow up
4: Bullying is the major cause of suicides
5: We can end bullying. Can we? The debate rages on, but we still always try!!
See the full article, with explanations of each point, on the Post's website!

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