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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Anti-bullying Summit featured in the PROJO!

Linda Borg, a staff writer for the Providence Journal provided coverage of the RI Anti-bullying Summit yesterday. Here is an excerpt from her article, "A new effort to block bullying in schools."

For Jamie Dellorco, the bullying began in seventh grade. Her classmates called her “Del Dorko” and said she was the ugliest girl in class. After two boys tried to push her down the stairs, her mother sent her to a private school. 'I tried to be invisible,' says Dellorco, education coordinator of Kaleidoscope Theatre. 'You start to believe what they say. You contemplate suicide.' Dellorco says she was one of the lucky ones. Things did get better. But there are still moments when she looks in the mirror and 'all I can see is the girl who wanted to be invisible... to read more, check out Projo Online!

(Photo: Jamie Dellorco portraying Snow White for Kaleidoscope Theatre.)

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