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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Anti-bullying Summit - Oct. 26th

Kaleidoscope Theatre will be participating in a state-wide anti-bullying conference in October. Kaleidoscope is partnering with the RI Attorney General's Office, Horizon Enterprises (Strategies for Success), PAVE (Partnership to Address Violence through Education), and CABINS (Committee Against Bullying In Schools) to make this worthwhile event a reality. The members of the Rhode Island Anti-bullying Summit Planning Committee are committed to engage a unified effort on measures the entire state of Rhode Island can take to prevent, control, and eradicate bullying, intolerance, and violence in our cities, towns, and schools. Each city and town in Rhode Island has been asked to send representatives to this event... check out the planning committee's website as we get closer to the summit to see if your town has stepped up to the plate and made a commitment to end bullying in your community.

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