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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Alice through the Kaleidoscope

Tickets now on sale! Call (401) 942-3637!
Scottish Rites Auditorium
May 28th at 7:30pm

Want to support a great cause and promote awareness about bullying in schools? Join us for an evening of all of your favorite Kaleidoscope songs and characters in a brand new original story for the whole family to enjoy! All proceeds will go toward bringing our H.S. BU.L.L.Y. presentation to area high schools around the Rhode Island and Massachusetts area.

Alice through the Kaleidoscope:
The Fairy Godmother is missing and without her magic all of Fairy Tale Land is in chaos. No one’s story is following the path that it should and it seems that Happily Ever After may be a thing of the past. Even Alice (of Wonderland) has not ended up where she is supposed to be. Now she must team up with the Big (not so) Bad Wolf to find the Fairy Godmother and put everything right.

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