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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Help the Arts - Fill out your Census!

April 1st is Census Day.  Because the 2010 Census is so significant for nonprofits, the Arts Council is asking Rhode Island's cultural community to get involved.  Please return your Census surveys!


Rhode Island communities could lose millions of dollars if we are undercounted. The federal government will distribute almost $4 trillion over the next decade based on the data collected in the Census. The Rhode Island General Assembly also distributes millions of dollars based on census data.

Programs that enrich peoples' lives, help people through tough times, educate our children, and protect our environment receive federal funding based on the Census. Here's a tiny sampling of programs that are affected by census data:
     - Section 8 affordable housing
     - Head Start
     - State Children's Health Insurance Program
     - Low income energy assistance
     - Water treatment and conservation programs
     - National Endowment for the Arts, which provides arts funding for Rhode Island.

Local nonprofits (including Arts organizations) could lose funding, either directly or indirectly, if an undercount occurs. Nonprofits could lose (or gain) because government dollars often flow to nonprofits to deliver programs based on census data. Plus, even if you don't get money directly from the government, if Rhode Island suffers an undercount and loses government money, then grantmakers might redirect their funding from local nonprofits to fill the void of lost government funds for needed human services delivered by others.

Fill out and return you census by April 1st!


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