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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ALADDIN Press Release!

On July 7, 2009 at Robert’s Hall Auditorium on the Rhode Island College Campus, Providence, RI, Kaleidoscope Theatre will perform the musical production ALADDIN!

Showtime is 11:00am and admission is $8 in advance and $10 on the day of the performance. For tickets and more information, please call the RIC Box Office (Open Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm) at (401) 456-8144. This presentation of one of the famous stories from One Thousand and One Arabian Nights is an original musical adaptation by David G. Payton of Cranston, RI, and is filled with all the wonderful characters audiences have come to know and love. For further information, please contact Kaleidoscope Theatre at (401) 942-3637.

Kaleidoscope Theatre’s production of ALADDIN promises to be an unforgettable production! A silly sultan, an evil vizier, a beautiful princess, a powerful genie, and an incredible lad named Aladdin all come together for an exhilarating ride through bazaars, caves of jewels, and palaces beyond description. Three brand-new beautiful backdrops were recently painted for this production by local artist Laura McPherson thanks to grant money provided by the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts (RISCA). These new scenic elements truly transport audiences to the mystical land of Bazrad, where the story takes place. The show is filled with magnificent songs, magical spells, beautiful harem girls, and even a dancing camel. Audience involvement makes this show one which the whole family will enjoy!
Director and writer David Payton knows audiences of all ages will enjoy this show. “What we do at Kaleidoscope is truly magic. Here we have a classic story that all children (and adults) know and love. The classic story elements are there, but we add surprises here and there to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.” Ryan Hanley, who plays the Silly Sultan of Bazrad, knows why everybody enjoys Kaleidoscope’s performances so much. Ryan says, “We don’t play down to the kids. We play to everyone, every member in the audience.”

Cast members are Aladdin (Joe Catanzaro of Johnston, RI); Princess Jasmine (Amber Johnson of Providence, RI); the Sultan (Ryan Hanley of Cranston, RI); the Evil Vizier (Christopher Schultz of South Yarmouth, MA); the Genie (Sam Hood of Providence, RI); Aladdin's Mother (Jasmine Ready of South Yarmouth, MA); Aladdin's friends (Kelsey Massaro of Smithfield, RI and Santana Roberts of West Greenwich, RI); the Guards (Cameron Marcotte of Scituate, RI and Dan Walsh of Burriville, RI); and the beautiful veil dancers (Jamie Dellorco of Franklin, MA; Megan Gonsalves of Smithfield, RI; Cassandra Pacheco of Johnston, RI; Jillian Rivers-Keegan of Burriville, RI; and Audrey Thompson of Cumberland, RI).

Director is David G. Payton of Cranston, RI; Costume Design is by Robert Zannini of Cranston, RI and Scenic Design is by Laura MacPherson of Providence, RI with Robert Zannini of Cranston, RI; Choreography is by Cassandra Pacheco of Johnston, RI; Stage Manager is Nicole Frechette of Lincoln, RI; Assistant Stage Manager is Christine Redihan of Providence, RI; and Sound Engineer is Adam Ramsey of Cranston, RI.

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