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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Frog Prince this Sunday!!

Kaleidoscope will be presenting The Frog Prince at the Saugus Senior Center on Sunday, May 10th! The show will begin at 2:00pm and the $12 admission includes an ice cream!

Moms get in FREE, so it is a wonderful Mother's Day activity for the whole family!

Splash! Young Prince Noble is having a really bad day - a smelly Gypsy woman is in love with him, he gets pushed down a well, and then he’s transformed into an icky green frog!

Now instead of traveling the land looking for a beautiful wife, he's short, green, and hoping to catch a fly for dinner!

Will Prince Noble learn a lesson in humility and win the lovely Princess Cassandra’s heart? Watch as plots twist, stories intertwine, and all the characters discover that Happy Endings can happen when you least expect them!

For more information on how to get tickets, check out our website!

(Photo: the cast of The Frog Prince from a recent performance.)

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