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Monday, April 13, 2009

Drop painting!

All this week, volunteers from Kaleidoscope will be joining local Scenic Artist Laura McPherson to create a new drop for Aladdin! Laura is painting a total of three new drops for the production, which will open Kaleidoscope's 2009 Summer Series at Rhode Island College on July 7th!

All this week, we will be posting pictures of the drop as it progresses!

On DAY ONE, we stretched out the drop and stapled it to the deck. Then, we sprayed several layers of paint onto the drop to help it square up and settle. While waiting for our first layers to dry, we also did prep work in terms of the color pallete and the scale gridlines that will help us transfer the image Laura designed onto the drop. Finally, we continued to add layers of paint to begin the background color. The photo is how the drop looked at the end of Day One! For more photos, check out Kaleidoscope's page on!

Tomorrow, we will begin drawing the cartoon (outline) of the image!! Stay Tuned!

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